Competitive Edge Careers provides individual coaching in each of the following areas. We work with you to come up with a customized  plan based upon your personal needs and goals.


Self Assessment
We help to identify your interests, values, skills and motivators. This is an essential step towards finding career options that give you the greatest chance for job fulfillment and success.


Navigating Industry Waters
Identifying industries and companies to target can be confusing and overwhelming. We organize this process for you by coming up with clear, actionable steps and connect you with tools and resources to make your research more straightforward and productive.


Professional Branding
Having an effective resume and social media presence is essential to selling yourself in a competitive job market. We work with you to refine your brand and highlight the most relevant skill-sets for your search.

  • Resume review, editing, and feedback

  • Cover letter

  • LinkedIn support and strategy


We teach you the fundamentals of putting your best foot forward in your interactions with companies and recruiters. From refining your elevator pitch to coming up with a plan of action for expanding your network, we are experts at giving you the practice and fine-tuning you need to come across your best. 


Knowing how to market yourself properly and highlight transferable skills is central to having a strong interview. We help you to best position your background for the next step and conduct mock interviews to provide you with extensive feedback for continuous improvement.

  • Mock Interview Sessions and Feedback

  • Confidence Coaching and Preparation


Managing Job Offers & Salary Negotiations

Whether you are managing multiple offers or just one, there are best practices to follow and pitfalls you want to avoid. We help you navigate this often confusing process professionally so that you maintain your relationships and start off your job on the right foot. We work to keep both your near term and longer term goals in mind.


On The Job Success
Once you have secured your internship or full time role we want to ensure that you position yourself for success on the job. Between meeting unfamiliar colleagues and taking on different responsibilities, a new job can be quite intimidating. We will help you learn the tools to avoid common mistakes, impress management, and create a strong network. Specific “on the job” topics we coach on include:

  • Managing up and down

  • Leading a team

  • Developing a mentor relationship

  • Asking for feedback

  • Communication Skills

  • Navigating difficult situations